About Amanda Sebring

Amanda Sebring was born in Richmond, Indiana in 1980. She lived in Las Vegas, NV; Springfield, IL; Xenia, OH; and Muncie, IN before returning to Richmond in 2007, where she remains today. She is married to her favorite person, and has four cats and five stepchildren. Her debut fantasy-fiction novel, Father’s Blood, was released in October 2014 after three years of writing and world-building. She is currently working on the sequel to Father’s Blood, entitled Father’s Voice, as well as a steampunk-fantasy entitled The Unmaking of Finnigan Blott.

Follow Amanda around on the Internet with these links:
Facebook: Author Amanda Sebring
Twitter: @Mrs_Sebring
Amazon: Amanda Sebring
Goodreads: Add the Book, or add the author. Or both! I don’t mind.

For more on the Finnigan Blott project, visit the UoFB Facebook page at this link.

And don’t forget, you can purchase your copy of Father’s Blood on Amazon here!


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