A Poem of Odd Requirements

Awe grows bright in anxious hearts
Robed in royal red
Between fouetté and balancé, she plants kisses on my head

Fury ignites under stagnant parts
In flaming raiment gold
Repeating back in steady verse the story I have told

Magick flows through witches’ veins
Skyclad, free, and bare
Circling, dancing, alchemizing power into air

Love grows out of stale remains
And needs no cloak nor hood
I find my soul has blossomed tho I swore it never would

Beauty rends the graveyard’s shroud
The thin veil hits the floor
Though searching wide and low, death does not see me anymore

Despair descends from unseen cloud
And flaunts his cape of black
I, unfaltered, do not flinch – I shout and send him back

Comfort purrs in caves of green
As sweet as silken scarf
beguiling my soul to know that herein lies my art

Inspiration bursts onto the scene
With crown of glittering jewels
He passes this into my hands, where it becomes my tool


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