Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! I hope you’re looking for a great and unique gift for the reader in your life, because I have an excellent deal on my book, Father’s Blood! Readers are loving it so far, and I am so touched and honored by their kind words. Here are a few quotes from readers: 


“I loved Errick, but I was so angry at him for some of the choices he made. And I hated Grissam, but I felt so sorry for her at the same time. It was beautiful, and I will read anything you write from now on!”

 I love this, because Grissam’s dimension was so very important to me. I needed the reader to feel sorry for her a little, at least until she crosses the line of redemption…

“I absolutely loved this book. It grab my attention from the very beginning and held it to the very end. I can’t hardly wait for the next book to come out.”

Me either! As soon as the Christmas season is past, I’m ready to get back to work on the sequel!


“Amanda took me to a place where I can envision myself living in this land interacting with these characters.”

 That means a lot to me, because I spent three years world-building and trying to make everything as vivid as I could, so to hear something like that is very rewarding!

DO NOT MISS the low Cyber Monday price! Get the Kindle version now for only $4.99 — and paperback lovers, there are discounts for you, too!

The link is … You are going to love it, I promise!


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