What? It’s a word. It means I continue to suck at updating.

To be fair, I’ve been busy out here, it here in the “real world”, whatever the hell that means. The world that aligns with our common perception. The 3-dimensional, five-senses reality we all seem to embrace and accept,  the one we refuse to question and explore.


My hometown is Richmond, Indiana, and despite the sourpuss, whiney negativity that goes on around here when you talk to the wrong people, it’s actually a pretty awesome town. And it’s trying to get better, I mean it’s a small town (65K or so), so we’re not exactly busting at the gills with recreation. We have to get creative. And to live here and really appreciate it, you have to *be* creative, or at least be open to creativity. That’s where so many people fail in this town. They think they’re supposed to accept their life of superficial drudgery and then go get trashed at some bar just like every other Joe Schmoe with no bloody imagination, and then die. Give me a break already. There’s so much more to it, and somewhere deep down, Richmond knows it.

You have people who are trying to pump some new blood into this town, and slowly but surely it’s working. That’s kind of what I’ve been up to. I performed in my dance studio’s ballet recital last week, which is a feat considering I’ve only been dancing for 2 years and I’m 33 years old. I love it, though. It’s so fun, and oneif thethings thatmakes it fun is my teacher, Laura. She’s endlessly creative and talented when it comes to choreography and song choices. And super patient with people like me, who get a wild hair up their asses after a lifetime of never dancing before and suddenly go, “Ah yes, ballet can be a thing I will do!” She’s great. I’m trying to get my stepdaughter signed up for the fall season.

Then there was the Shakespeare Festival, wherein I was a vendor, selling my jewelry. I was so proud to be a part of the first season of the Festival, so glad to meet new people and reconnect with others. Can’t wait to do that again next year.

Needless to say, between local events and my day job, it’s been tough to work in any writing time. My book is completely roughed out, though, and I’m working on revising and editing now. I’m having to do a lot of backtracking to make sure I’m being consistent with certain things — I wonder if that’s normal? I have about 230 pages of book right now — about two-thirds of the way finished. Yay!

If you want to see a synopsis and other teasers of Father’s Blood, visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/amandasebringfanpage .

This post brought to you by Barefoot Summer Red, which I think is my new favorite wine!
Mrs. Sebring


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