Infinite Paradox

I live in my head
I am a slave to the masses

I depend on your approval
I am a whore for your affection
I will sparingly dole my own admiration

I want you to love me
I will love you on my terms

I want to impress you
Seduce you
Draw you in
Consume you
But I refuse to be


Yes, you

I want to mind-fuck you
Squeeze the vortex of wordcraft
Around the phallus of
Your mind —
Milking an orgasm of adoration from you

I am the dry sponge
I will suck you in
I will give nothing back

I am the eternal Paradox
The eternal contradiction

And if you can love me,
Knowing that
Then sit in this pod with me
And let’s be peas together
As I pull words from the depths,
Polish them off,
And dazzle your vision with them



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