Obligatory Updates

I do appreciate everyone who reads and follows me around the interwebs, whether here at WordPress, or on the Book of Face (www.facebook.com/amandasebringfanpage), or on the Tweeter ( @Mrs_Sebring). All my social media outlets share the goal of building as much of a reader base as I can before my book is finished and released. I hope to make you eager to read it. Lately, though, I just haven’t felt all that social, so I haven’t touched my social media much. There are predictable times of year (read: winter) wherein I am simply in no condition for social interactions of any kind (which is unfortunate considering my career in retail management), and this year has seemed worse than most (thanks, Polar Vortex). So I hope you’ll bear with me as I fight through, and also as I prepare for my hysterectomy which will be taking place two weeks from today.

So long, uterus, and thanks for all the cramps!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading.

Mrs. Sebring


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