My 2013: the Short Version

***Author’s Note*** For some reason, every time I publish this, the photos disappear. Enjoy the words while I figure this out, and hopefully I’ll get the photos back on somehow. ***Thank You***

My 2013 was jam-packed with madness. I have a longer story for every short story in this post, but let this suffice for now (after all, my day job eats up a BOATLOAD of my time), in chronological order:

Most of the first quarter of 2013 was spent planning my wedding by myself. Not that my fiance didn’t want to help — far from it — but he was stuck at work for about 75 hours a week, every week for about the first 3 months of the year, thanks to his useless FORMER assistant who couldn’t be bothered to show up to work when she was supposed to.

That’s me, (and my cat, Tidbit, keeping my neck warm) recovering from the emergency laparoscopy I had in April. Incredibly long story ridiculously short, I was bleeding internally with intense abdominal pain, and they had to perform the lap just to find out where the leak was. Turned out, I had ruptured an ovarian cyst — but by the time we figured that out, I had lost 3 pints of blood. (3 pints, as I later learned, is a lot.)  We got everything — including the endometriosis the doctor found — cleaned out, and I was sent home after 2 nights. During my post-op visit, I had a Pap which came back abnormal. It turns out that my little episode was a good thing, because that’s how I found out I have cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer). Also learned: biopsies hurt like a bitch.

Then this little guy was born. This is Jax, and his momma is one of my very best friends in the whole wide world, and she also served as the officiant of our wedding ceremony. He was born exactly 12 hours before my baby niece decided to make her debut:

She’s about 5 months old in this picture, but isn’t she just the cutest little chunk of baby you’ve ever seen? (Hint: the answer is yes.) These two babies were born almost exactly one month before my wedding, and only five weeks after my surprise surgery.

Exhausted yet? Cause I was! But no, I still had to get married! Did I mention my maid of honor was also pregnant, and they kept moving her due date precariously close to the wedding date?

My. Wedding. Was. Awesome.

I mean, there should really be a separate blog post about all the stuff I did/made for the wedding. But all the bouquets, my crown, my veil, all the wings — that was all me, and that’s only the beginning. And yes, my bridesmaids were fairies.

And so were my ushers.

My pregnant maid of honor had her son in July, well after my husband and I returned from our honeymoon in the Bahamas.
Other things that happened include: my husband and I quit smoking exactly 4 days before I went into the hospital, and I subsequently gained 23 pounds (which is okay, I only started with 107 anyway). My other best friend and his wife had their first son, little Oscar, in December (and I get to meet him Thursday!).

These are all things that happened. What they meant, how they moved me (because they did), that’s for another post. For now, let me just say…in many ways…it was a very good year.

Love you, Jess.

This post brought to you by Castillo Moscato, which is the best Moscato ever in the history of ever.



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