My New Map


It can be considered both an advantage and a hindrance, writing fantasy fiction, that you as the author are making up EVERYTHING as you go. Regular fiction is easy — settings in our world already exist, and all you have to do is make sure you’re depicting them accurately. With fantasy fiction, though, every town, river, border, mountain, and ocean comes out of YOUR head. The advantage to this is that the accuracy of locations can’t be challenged by a frequent traveler. On the other hand, once you’ve committed to the geography of your world and you begin assigning events and histories around the location, you’re pretty much trapped by your own borders.

I don’t mind it, though. Yesterday I drew up a new map of my Father’s Blood universe and I’m pretty proud of it. I guess you’d have to see what the last one looked like in order to empathize with my enthusiasm :

Not nearly as awesome, eh? I feel like the new map makes more sense as far as the main plot goes, and it’s aesthetically better in terms of the shapes of the countries and whatnot. The map will be printed inside the book, so here’s your chance to get familiar with Kutterish geography before the book is even finished! Hehe.

This post brought to you by Wicked Moscato, which is terrible and I have to mix it with cran-apple juice.



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